"The very idea of a gene pool has no meaning if there is no sex. 'Gene Pool' is a persuasive metaphor because the genes of a sexual population are being continually mixed and diffused, as if in a liquid. Bring in the time dimension, and the pool becomes a river, flowing through geological time..."

-Richard Dawkins, The Ancestor's Tale, page 432



VIDEO "Gene Pool Evolves - The Story of an Artificial Life Ecosystem"

Check out the NFT Pool
Created by Canton Becker, Jeffrey Ventrella, and Luka Negoita.

500 swimbot NFT's that were minted on fxhash.xyz evolve in a common gene pool, where their "selfish genes" compete for dominance!

Gene Pool is Open Source (MIT License with Commons Clause)

github: https://github.com/Ventrella/GenePool

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Created by Jeffrey Ventrella
with contributions from Brian Dodd, Luka Negoita, and Barry Stump
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